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Forgot your password?

If you forgot your password, please turn to “Forgot Password” to fill in your email which you apply for and click “SEND”. After our system check is correct, the system will immediately send a verification link to your email mailbox.

How to modify your personal information and password?

● Please go to “Member Center” to sign in, and then click on “Member Profile” to modify. To change your password, please enter the password you want on “Password” and “Re-confirm Password” again. After that, press “send” to change your password. Please wait till it pop up the window which shows “Successfully”, and then sign out immediately and re-sign in with your new password. ● If your account is registered by Facebook, we can not help you to reset the password. The password is stored in the Facebook system, so we are unable to get your Facebook password by clicking “Forgot Password” button.

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